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Informative Dashboard for a Trust Using Kibana and ElasticSearch


A comprehensive and dynamic dashboard is developed to monitor the progress of development works, of both the government supported as well as trusts driven, in Parliamentary constituency. The data from the various projects should be acquired to create 100 percent compliant dashboards. The data will be ingested to ES through upload panel integration and to fetch the data we need to use Kibana which has a seamless integration flexibility with elastic search that helps to view good looking visualizations and dashboards.


Used elastic search as a primary data source to store and get the data from server’s with high speed to perform aggregations quickly from millions of records.


Kibana is a dashboard web application which has a seamless integration with elastic search to fetch data with high speed. It also helps us to interpret the data in a dashboard format.


Role based access (RBAC) integration is used with all nodes in the cluster in Kibana and it defines the roles & users, and rules, to view the data by different roles.


Seven schemes have to be configured & displayed in Kibana web interface dashboard. All these seven schemes have different data and the data ingestion should be implemented to create new records and update the existing record with a unique id. Also, must perform the activities like collecting the data from various schemes and visualize the data insights through dashboard. Upload panel integration should be done for various schemes. Implement the UI, upload panel, where the admin can upload the CSV files for the respected schemes to ingest the data to elastic search. Also, define the validations for the data to be ingested into the elastic search and provide the link to download the CSV files if we enter any invalid data.


Upload Panel Integration for various Schemes

Implement the UI, Upload Panel where admin can upload the CSV for the respected Schemes to Ingest the data to ES.Define the Validations for the data to be ingested to ElasticSearch.Provide the link to download the CSV if we enter any invalid data. 

RBAC Dashboards

Implement Role Based Access (RBAC) dashboards for Program Officers, Executive, Admin and Public - Develop an extra middle layer to control Kibana admin control. Customize the geo map and display the images on tool tip.

Implementation of Landing Page

Integrate the content which represents the various schemes and statistics And implement public dashboard feature which indicates the visualizations from all the schemes.



Upload Panel Integration

  • With the implementation of the upload panel, the data is ingested into elastic search.

  • Provided an option to update the records with an unique id.

  • Implemented the upload panel UI for uploading the various schemes.

  • Provided the link to download the error CSV files .

  • We have created an separate menu known as “Upload Panel” to implement the Upload Panel UI.


RBAC (Role based access and control) Dashboards

  • Different type of roles are created with the implementation of RBAC i) Program Officers - They can view their dashboards only ii) Executive - They can view all the dashboards but don’t have an access to upload the data iii) Admin - Have access to all the dashboards and upload panel iv) Public- They can view only the public dashboard which need to be implemented in the landing page

  • Customized the geo map and displayed the images on the tool tip.


Implemented Landing Page

  • Implemented the landing page which includes public Dashboard.

  • Customized the login form.

  • Integrated the background images and social networking sites on login page.

  • Implemented filters in landing page and based on the filters selected, the visualized dashboard is displayed.

  • Integrated the HTML content and AP map in landing page.


Customizations in Dashboard 

  • Displayed the mandals on geo map by getting the data from the indices.

  • Implemented the Absolute Time Range in dashboard based on the selected time stamp visualizations which are displayed. Provided an option to clear the filters as well.

  • Implemented the dashboards for various schemes such as Swasth Kutumbam, Telemedicine, Nutrition, Sanitation, VDP, Informal sector and Internet Saathi.

  • Implemented customized visualization type ‘Location Map’ to represent the locators.

  • Displayed the images on the location map in all the dashboards.


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