React Admin Application for Mobile App Content Creation
Our team has developed an admin panel using React JS for creating and managing mobile app content. The panel includes the ability to create and…


Our team has developed an admin panel using React JS for creating and managing mobile app content. The panel includes the ability to create and re-rank various content types, resend push notifications, and customize content with colors, templates, and fonts. Let’s explore each feature in detail.

Create Content

  • With the Create Content feature, we can easily create content by selecting any type with language selection (Telugu/English). We have a variety of content types to choose from, including StoryType, OnlyCover, LiveCricket, FliptoStory, ShortByte, LiveNews, CricketScoreboard, Poll, and MCQ. We can attach any images/videos/youtube embedded to content and select the notification priority. We can also customize content by giving custom colors, templates, font sizes, and positioning, and even create custom and default dynamic buttons by providing a link. Markdown options for content description are also available.

Edit content

  • The Edit Content feature allows us to navigate to the edit content screen by providing a content ID to edit all the content information. We can easily filter unpublished content by providing start and end dates and filtering by content type. We will get content based on language selection. Edit, approve, delete, and content duplication options are available.

Unpublished contents

  • By default, all created contents will display in the unpublished contents list, where we can filter by providing start and end dates, filter with content type, and get content based on language selection. We can edit, approve, delete, and duplicate content.

Published contents list

  • All approved content will display in the published contents list, where we can search for any content by title or description, filter by start and end dates and content type, and get content based on language selection. We can edit, delete, archive, share, duplicate content, rank using News on Top in specific durations, repost, and add to lists. We can even share content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We can archive (hide) content without deleting and rank content using News on Top in specific durations.

Image Template

  • With the Image Template feature, we can create images by selecting predefined template types, customize image templates by using font size, color, and position, and preview box office.


  • The Create People feature allows us to create people by providing personal information and uploading profile backgrounds and profile images with cropping and scaling features. All created people will display in the list people screen with basic edit, delete, and pagination options.


  • With the Push Notification Counters feature, all push notification list will display with PN title/description, categories, time, and PN opened count. We can filter by date, category, day, and time slot. The Video Play Counters feature displays all counters lists like the number of articles published, likes, active users, shares, and views for all types of content. We can filter by report type, category, date, day, and time slot. The Creator Analytics feature displays analytics of all creators like the number of articles created, published, creator name, UDID, and creator handle. We can filter by date. The Lucky Draw & Referral

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